Why I Don’t Recommend Sellers Rent Their Property

Why Don’t I recommend Sellers Rent their Property?  Unless the Homeowner intends to keep their property as an investment I don’t recommend Renting the home you own.

There are several reasons why I frown upon a Seller or homeowner Renting their home.

  • Wear and tear on the house
  • Damage to the house
  • Repairs that will need to be made
  • Decrease in value of the property

I was recently contacted by a homeowner who purchased a home in Lake Charles two years ago.  When the homeowner was transferred with his job, he decided to rent his house for an amount that would still pay his mortgage.  Now the homeowner resides in New York  which is far away from Lake Charles LA.  The renter has long moved out and the homeowner contacted me to sell his Lake Charles home.  The homeowner has not seen  the current condition of his home in over a year.

I obtained the keys to the property and went to check the house out preparing to list the Lake Charles house for sale.   My discovery was a dirty house that had not been well maintained or cleaned and left in disarray.  The renter had attempted to paint over the wallpaper in the kitchen and the painting was not even completed.






The appearance of the house in its existing condition is typical of what we usually see in foreclosed homes.  I had to share the photos of my discovery to the owner miles away in New York and break the news to him.  He was sad to see the house he loved compromised.  However, he knows he has to clean and paint it to get it in better condition to sell for top dollar.  Hard and costly lesson for a homeowner to learn regarding renting just  because of the wear and tear on the home.

This is exactly why I don’t recommend that a homeowner or seller “rent” their current home.  You must evaluate the risk of doing so!

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