Allow Time for your Southwest Louisiana Home Purchase during the Holiday Season.

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Allow time for your Southwest Louisiana  Home Purchase during the holiday season.  As 2013 draws to a close so is a buyers time to close on a  Southwest Louisiana home in 2013!  Additional time may be required  in order to close on a home during the holidays!

If you’re have been searching for a  home in Southwest Louisiana  or are currently just going “under contract” there is a possibility to close in 2013.  However, keep in mind that as the holidays approach it becomes a busy time of year and  it is hard for both buyers and   sellers to pack up an entire family and be moved  by Christmas!

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 It also becomes the time of year when many people schedule vacation, travel and kids are out of school.   Not only does this apply to buyers, sellers and Realtors, but also loan officers and underwriters who may have travel plans or be out of the office!

Most real estate contracts are written with a 30-45 day time frame to allow for the  Act of Sale. Time has to be allowed for inspections, appraisal and approval the loan from the bank underwriters.  This week, November 18-22,  is possibly the last week that would allow for a 30-45 day time period to close by the end of 2013 year.


In general there is always a rush and push to get in and get a clear to close.  The pressure and rush can build up during the holiday season simply due to holiday office closures and decrease of staff in the office. As the Act of Sale date draws closer, sellers and buyers become impatient and everyone wants to hurry and close so they can be settle before Christmas,   Buyers are dependent upon the approval of underwriting and have to wait until the file is given a stamp of approval before a clear to close is issued.  With the holiday season underwriting can slow down  simply due to holiday schedules with people out of the office, or conditions taking longer to be met.   It is not uncommon for banks and title companies to close Nov 28-29 for Thanksgiving and December 24-25 for Christmas. This year Christmas falls on a Wednesday and many people may schedule vacation the week of Christmas which is Dec 23-27.   With that being said that leaves Dec 30-31  and it is possibly the last days for a closing in the month of December.

If you have been searching for a Lake Charles LA home in 2013 or on the fence about a home purchase make a decision and, get under contract this week!  You still have a reasonable time to deck the halls of your new home!

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