Listing and Selling a Home for Sale During the Holidays

Is it a good time to list your Lake Charles Home for Sale during the Holidays?

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I am frequently asked by Sellers when is  the best time to list a Lake Charles home for sale?  There is no standard answer  to this question of of a “best time”.  Real estate sales is always subject to the ever changing residential market.  Typically speaking  statistics show that  Home Buyers tend to slow down during the months of November-January in Southwest Louisiana.  Having said that, there is always an exception to past trends.

home owner contemplating the thought of selling their Lake Charles home  during the months of November-January may want to consider waiting until after the holidays to  list the house for sale.

Waiting to list your Lake Charles home for sale may net you a larger pool of buyers if you wait until after the holidays.Many home buyers will put a home purchase on the back burner until after the holidays.  During the months of  November,December and January we here in Southwest Louisiana usually see a decline in showings and contracts for homes currently listed for sale.  If a purchase contract has not already been negotiated by the time December rolls around, there is probably not going to be much activity with showings.  Of course this is all subject to change as real estate does not always have exact predictability.  There is always an exception and especially with those relocating to Southwest Louisiana with a job transfer!

However, if a Seller does have their Lake Charles home currently listed during the holiday period, remember that it is still important to keep the house in “show ready” condition.  There will still be home buyers who anticipate buying a home in the near future who are out driving around and admiring Homes for Sale during the holidays!  Curb appeal and neatness is still important!

Tips For Sellers who have a Home Listed for Sale during the Holidays

Of course Sellers may still decorate while their Lake Charles home is listed for sale during the holidays.  It may be more of a challenge to keep  the house clean  and clutter free with the kids home from school during the holidays but remember a neat and clean home shows well!

Here are some simple suggestions to ensure your home captures the holiday spirit without interfering in the real estate process:

  • Keep decorations to a minimum so you don’t block views, make rooms feel smaller, cluttered or disrupt the natural flow of the home. Consider a smaller tree and store gifts and wrappings away in one place.
  •  I should emphasize that if you tend to decorate like Clark Griswold then please tone it down or  choose to scale back a bit on decorations.  Although Christmas decorations are beautiful to look at you don’t want your elaborate trimmings to be distracting to a home buyer!

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 Sellers can still decorate the interior of a Lake Charles Home for Sale very tastefully and still be festive for friends and family!

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Remember it may take anywhere from 30-45 days to close on your home.  Lake Charles Buyers and Sellers should allow time for a home purchase during the holidays in Southwest Louisiana  Chances are if  you have not already negotiated a contract to sell your Lake Charles home by the time Thanksgiving rolls around you will not close in the month of  December!

If you are considering selling your home in the near future, relax and enjoy the holidays when you are ready to evaluate your options, contact Marilyn Boudreaux Century 21 Mike D Bono to discuss listing your Lake Charles home for sale!

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