New Multiple Listing Technology For Lake Charles Realtors!

The Southwest Louisiana Board of Realtors has implemented a new MLS system called “Matrix”  Not only is this new MLS fast it can provide buyers and sellers with detailed information about listings.


The best part about the new MLS technology is Realtors can access the MLS from their phone or iPad!   This is invaluable to the Realtor in the field because in the past when a buyer would ask about a Lake Charles Home for Sale or see a sign and inquire, the Realtor had no mobile access to depend on except Zillow which is not always accurate!


Now when a Realtor sets a buyer up on a search and sends homes for sale to the buyer to view, the Buyer will have their own “Client Portal”.  The client portal provides private web pages for the client with personally branded information delivered straight to their email.  The client can then categorize listings according to their level of interest.  Through the client portal conversations between Realtor and Buyer is automatically recorded online.  The client can customize their portal experience by saving their own searches and view detailed statistics.  You will see to the right the buyer has the option of starting their own search.  The user may also save their favorites which would be shown under the heart icon.


Under the display tab there are several options that allows the client to pick a display.  This one shown below is a map overlay showing the location of the home for sale.

image image

The client is able to view the full MLS sheet with all the pertinent information about the property including room sizes, photos, details etc.

Matrix offers multiple public record integration options that allows the client and Realtor to view tax record data.  In addition there is a map layer that will show flood zones and neighborhood addresses!


I am diligently learning the ins and outs of this new Matrix system so I can be of the best service possible to my clients!

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