Roof Issues in Southwest Louisiana

One of the most common questions a Lake Charles Home Buyer will ask when viewing a house is “how old is the roof?”  Most all of Calcasieu Parish homeowners had new roofs installed in 2005-2007 due to Hurricane Rita (these are referred to as Rita Roofs).  Roofs usually have a lifespan of 30 years.

During the buyers home inspection, the inspector will walk the roof and take note of any issues noted with missing shingles, nail-heads, decking etc.  The issue that has come up frequently with roofs is “loss of granules on shingles”.  A home inspector will always defer to an expert and recommend a roof inspection be done.  It is to the buyers benefit to have the roof inspection done during their inspection period.  I have run into this recently with an 8 year old home my buyer wrote an offer on.  The inspector noted granule loss and the buyer had a roof inspection done.  The roofing company recommended that the entire roof be replaced because patching the damaged shingles was not an option and a new roof was going to cost $23,000!!!  The roof was still serviceable with no leaks so the seller was not receptive to putting a new roof on as buyer requested.  However the buyer was able to re-negotiate and obtain a reduction in the price of the home.

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material seen in Southwest Louisiana.  Over the course of time and weather, the granules on the asphalt shingle will begin to come off and this can change the life expectancy of the roof.  Although we don’t get a harsh winter with snow and ice accumulating on our roofs here in Lake Charles, we do get our share of heavy rain and tropical thunderstorms.  Sometimes homeowners will detect a leak from the blowing rain and if the leak is not caught right away damage can occur to the wood decking under the shingles.

My neighbor across the street had two dormers on his home that continued to give him problems, so he decided to remove the dormers and re-roof those areas to correct the leaking!


This is a one story home, the two dormers on the roof are decorative and caused re-occurring leak damage to the interior.

image image The dormers were removed and a roof patch was done with new decking.

It’s a good idea to have your roof checked once a year as a maintenance item so you are not surprised by any damage or re-occurring leaks!

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