2018 Starts with Freezing Temperatures and the Flu

Realtors can stay out of the office thats easy, what is harder to manage if you are sick is attending closings, inspections or the obvious…showing homes!  Technology is a wonderful tool that allows Realtors to be remote, but we still have to make a physical presence for some of our duties.   I’m fortunate to have a very supportive real estate brokerage and if I’m ever in need of something I can ask another Realtor to step in and assist me.

I didnt escape the Flu this year, it took over my body on Christmas Day, but on the plus side, because it was a holiday weekend most of my business and clients were at a standstill.  My clients were very understanding and were open to letting another agent show property in my absence and I was  still able to follow up from home! There was another Holiday break with New Year’s that helped me out while things were relatively slow.  Thankfully I was better by the time my first closing was scheduled on January 6th!

The fluctuation in tempterature we have had this year is also a contributing factor to adjustments with  reamaining healthy.  Winter in Louisiana is always a swing, we can go from running our air conditioning one day to turning on the heat the next day. Its not often that Louisiana gets freezing temperatures with ice and snow.  2018 sure has  started off with  a bang and lots of coughing!  Stay well SWLA,  it will warm up soon  for those Crawfish bowls we all love!

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