Buyer’s Final Walk Through 5 days Prior to Closing


Prior to closing on your home, the Buyer is entitled to a final walk through of the house they are purchasing.  The Final Walk through is the opportunity for the Buyer to review the house again and inspect repairs that were made during the inspection period and to make sure there has been no damage to the house.  The final walk through can be done anytime within five days prior to closing

If a home has been vacant anything can happen, there could be a broken pipe, water leak, broken window etc. that no one may realize.  The final walk through is the chance for the Buyer to make sure that the house is still in the same condition as it was when the Buyer entered into contract.

Sometimes when purchasing new construction, there will still be a “punch list” that needs to be addressed.

Marilyn Boudreaux

Lake Charles Realtor

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What Clients Say

I have dealt with Marilyn before and she is AMAZING. She truly cares for her customers and gives empathy throughout all the ups and downs of the emotional house buying/selling process.
-Erin Ruppert