Buying A Home: Water Testing

Today I wanted to talk to you about water tests. Now, these come up a lot with well water, and we do have a lot of that in our area. And what’s really popular are the USDA government loans commonly referred to as Rural Development. That’s 100% financing. So most of the eligible properties fall outside of the city limits and that’s where you’re going to find well water in the little well houses, that’s your water source.

So when you go under contract on a property that has well water, the well is going to have to be inspected, and you’re going to also be required to have a water test.
Someone from the lab or the parish is going to come out and pull that sample and they’re going to test it for a lot of different types of things. They mainly just want to make sure you don’t have bacteria levels and that the water is safe to drink. Now it can take about seven days for that water test to come back. So you’ve got to allow time in your inspection period for all of these things, including the well inspection. There may be a sewer inspection as well because most of the time if you were on well water, you also have a mechanical sewer or septic system for your property. So you will be required to provide that water test. So don’t wait until the last minute or let your agent wait until the last minute. Then you are surprised that you still have to get the water tested.

I know a lot of the areas are expanding and pipes are being laid to incorporate city water into those areas. So there may be an access for your property where you can actually tie into that. Perhaps you didn’t elect to do so, but you’re still on the well. It doesn’t matter if that pipe is there and city water is running through the street and is accessible for you to tap into. You’ve still got to have a water test if you are utilizing a well system.

So keep that in mind. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me, text me, or call at 499-9592. I would be happy to answer any of your questions. Thanks, everyone, have a great day.

Marilyn Boudreaux

Lake Charles Realtor

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I have dealt with Marilyn before and she is AMAZING. She truly cares for her customers and gives empathy throughout all the ups and downs of the emotional house buying/selling process.
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