I’m Here to Help All Types of Clients!

Hey there, friends. This is Marilyn Boudreaux with Century 21 Bono Realty. I was contacted the other day by a buyer who is wanting to purchase their first home. They reached out to me and this was what they said was, “Ms. Marilyn, I know that you typically sell higher-priced homes and I’m wanting to buy my first home. Would you still be willing to work with me?” My answer was, “Of course I would”. There are all types of real estate. There are all types of pricing.

I just wanted to let everybody know that I don’t specifically specialize in one type of real estate. So, when you’re searching online, a first time home buyer is just as important, and that’s just as exciting to search for those homes and go out and view those as it is for someone that’s doing new construction or they’re doing a move-up home where they’re moving up from, let’s say a $285,000 house to a $350,000 house.

We all have steps in our lifetime. I’ve had several homes and it didn’t start with a higher-priced home. You’ve got to start where you can and take those little baby steps throughout your lifetime until you get to that dream home. Everyone’s dream home is different. I am here to work with all buyers. So just because I have my certified luxury home marketing specialty, I also have a designation of new construction. So I welcome the opportunity to work with each and every buyer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. It does not matter, what your price range is. I’m here to help all buyers get into whatever their dream home is. Thanks for reading. This is Marilyn Boudreaux. If you have questions about anything, always text or reach out to me at (337) 499-9592. Thanks everyone. Have a great day.

Marilyn Boudreaux

Lake Charles Realtor

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What Clients Say

I have dealt with Marilyn before and she is AMAZING. She truly cares for her customers and gives empathy throughout all the ups and downs of the emotional house buying/selling process.
-Erin Ruppert