Is it Time to Consider a Move Up in Space?

We recently celebrated my granddaughter’s first birthday and as she delighted in accumulating more toys, it took me back to a time when my growing children began to take over our house space!

It’s amazing how much stuff comes along with an addition to your household.  Babies may be small but their required accessories can quickly fill up any room!   Items that accompany the growth of a new baby like a pack n play, jumper, playpen, interactive learning toys and stacks of books, soon take over  the space of your  living area.

Once babies enter the mobile toddler stage, they quickly begin to roam and you may find yourself with a lack of space for your little explorer !

There will becomes a time in your life when you outgrow your current Lake Charles home and need more space.  As the kids grow, so do their toys and I frequently hear home buyers saying “we need an extra room”  which usually means a play room to house those toys that is separate from your living area.

If this sounds familiar to you and are contemplating the need more room for the kids to roam, perhaps its time to go house shopping !  Contact me, 337-499-9592, I can help and show you what Lake Charles homes are available!

Marilyn Boudreaux

Lake Charles Realtor

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What Clients Say

I have dealt with Marilyn before and she is AMAZING. She truly cares for her customers and gives empathy throughout all the ups and downs of the emotional house buying/selling process.
-Erin Ruppert