Quick Design Tip: Upgrade Your Lighting Easily And Inexpensively!

Hey there friends. This is Marilyn Boudreaux with Century 21 Bono Realty. And I wanted to show you something in my own particular house. This is a helpful lighting tip that I would like to share and show you a way that you can actually modernize the inside of your home and do the same thing. This is a project that I just did this weekend.

So, we have a bar in our kitchen area and we have these drop lights. We have three pendant lights that are over our bar area. So that’s a real popular look. But now the fixtures that you typically see over islands and bars are a little bit larger and you’ve probably seen the lantern-type and they just put off a little bit more light and they’re a little more open.

We wanted to modernize our own lighting over the bar and make it a little bit brighter, but we didn’t really want to have to get into replacing a whole new fixture and doing work up in the ceiling. So while we were out hunting for light fixtures and just exploring our options, I noticed, there are these different shades that you can get, the globes that you go over the light. You usually have globes, for instance, that are on your ceiling fan. You probably have globes that are in your bathroom fixtures, as well.

So, Lowe’s is where we went and they have a whole row of different types of globes that you can choose, for pendant lighting and bathroom fixtures and a lot of different options. So I had some shades that were on here. I had picked those shades up a couple of years ago, just to change the look of the house and give it a little bit more of an update at that particular time.

But as we lived with it a little bit longer, what we noticed was that kind of alabaster shell that is on the outside of it, it was not giving off a lot of light and we were noticing it was dark. So what I saw was a bigger option. We replaced it with this newer globe that was a little bit larger. It’s a little bit more modern looking and it’s a lot brighter. It’s very bright compared to the other pendant lighting that I had.

So that’s just a simple tip of how you can change out your lighting and do it very inexpensively and brighten up your area and also modernize it a little bit. So I hope this was a helpful tip for you. Reach out to me if you have further questions about real estate at 499-9592. Thanks, everyone. Have a great day.

Marilyn Boudreaux

Lake Charles Realtor

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